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Associates in Diversity Services:
Consulting, Adult Education Workshops, Organization Development & Research Services

Sandy Berman

Adrienne Chan

Eric Wong, diversity/racisim consultant - CLICK FOR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
Eric D. Wong

Suzu Matsuda - since 1986 - facilitating workshops on Management Skills / Conflict Resolution Skills - CLICK FOR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE.
Suzu Matsuda


Diversity and Organizational Change
- A Working Framework -


Sandy Berman

Sandy Berman is the Principal of Circa Enterprises and has been a consultant for over twenty years.

Sandy has extensive experience in the non-profit, womens' sector, immigrant services, health and education sectors. She was the coordinator consultant of the Twenty-two Hospitals Multicultural Change in Health Services Project, which was a two year project funded by the provincial government of British Columbia, Canada.

Sandy Berman

Sandy has also been involved in projects such as interpretation and translation projects with Providence Health Care and other health regions. More recently she has worked on projects related to improving access to professions for internationally educated professionals.

Sandy's focus is on diversity, multiculturalism, anti-racism and social justice. She has worked with a range of organizations including: health units/ hospitals, social services agencies, unions, educational institutions and crown corporations to facilitate training and organizational change processes. Sandy is extensively involved in social justice issues and addressing inequity through community and political processes.

Sandy has worked extensively with Adrienne Chan as a co-trainer and co-developer for ten years. Together they developed the Framework for Diversity:  Diversity in Health Services,  Human Rights and Employment Equity Initiatives for the Vancouver/ Richmond Health Board (2000),  through an extensive consultation process with the region and with an advisory committee.  Sandy and Adrienne have developed curriculum through their own consulting companies, together in joint projects and with other consultants and educators.

Eric Wong

Eric Wong, diversity & human rights consultant

For more than fifteen years, Eric Wong has worked in the field of human rights and diversity.  Eric was the Multicultural Education Consultant for the Vancouver School Board from 1985 - 1988.  He began work with the City of Vancouver in 1989 first as a trainer in the Equal Employment Opportunities Office and then later as the Manager of Training and Programs with the Hastings Institute.  Since 1995 Eric has been the principal of Eric D. Wong Consulting, developing and delivering training and educational programs in human rights and diversity for a variety of organizations.

Eric has worked with a variety of public sector organizations.  Some of his government clients include the Province of British Columbia, the Canadian Department of Justice and the City of North Vancouver where he created and presented Welcoming and Valuing Diversity Workshops for managers and front line staff.  He has worked with school districts throughout B.C. both providing professional development workshops for educators and educational programs for students.  The Vancouver Police Department's Diversity Course was developed and taught by Eric.  He has also worked with the Vancouver and Port Coquitlam Fire Departments.

The private sector has also made use of Eric's talents.  Manufacturing companies such as Wilkinson Steel, high tech firms as Aimtronics Corporation and human resource organizations as MICA Management Resources Limited have utilized Eric's skills and experience.

Eric has also worked for a number of union organizations including the British Columbia Government Employees' Union, British Columbia Teachers Federation, Hospital Employees Union and the Canadian Auto Workers.

Eric is a single parent.  He is passionate about his work for both professional and personal reasons.

Suzu Matsuda

Suzu Matsuda - since 1986 - facilitating workshops on Management Skills / Conflict Resolution Skills.

Suzu Matsuda has Masters Degree in Applied Behavioural Sciences, an Elementary School Teacher's credential, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology.  She has a work background in education, social work and management consulting.  Since 1986 she has been facilitating workshops on Management Skills and Conflict Resolution Skills.  Topics she has presented are workplace diversity, supervision skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, negotiations, consulting, interviewing, time and stress management.

For the past 15 years Suzu has also specialized in the areas of culture and diversity. She has provided consultation, training, course development and research related diversity issues and organizational development.  She has successfully facilitated workshops in:

  • Cross Cultural Awareness,
  • Cross Cultural Communications,
  • Unlearning Racism,
  • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace,
  • Harassment, and
  • Systemic Barriers.

She has worked with organizations such as the Hastings Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Transport Canada, BC Pavilion Corporation, Surrey Delta Immigrant Services, the lower mainland Multicultural Education Consortium, and Family Services of Greater Vancouver to name a few.  She has also facilitated Train the Trainers program with a focus on diversity for the United Way and the Hastings Institute.

Suzu has also worked with both Sandy Berman and Adrienne Chan on research projects related to diversity such as: internal demographic and attitudinal assessments, a diversity implementation project for Lower Mainland Parks, organizational evaluation related to access and inclusion, employment barriers, and capacity building.  Most recently she has work with the BCITPnet (B.C. Internationally Trained Professionals Network) and has conducted research for the Law Foundation's Improving Access to Employment for Internationally Trained Professionals project.

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